AndrasAndrás Kárpáti from Hungary has been dancing almost every style from folkloric dances to hip hop. Since 2000, when he was introduced to salsa, this habit became an addiction and as time passed by, Cuban music and culture started to become a lifestyle.

Dedicated to strictly Cuban movements, he is experienced in Afro, Son, Cha cha cha, Mambo, reggaeton as well, though Rueda de Casino is still one of the most entertaining ways to include all the friends having fun.

Being known as a co-founder and owner of Salsa Diabólica Dance Academy, probably one of the largest salsa schools in the CEE region and 5 time franshiser of Cubamemucho and CubaMiSalsa as well and the organiser of the largest international salsa camp in Hungary since 2004.

András is a creative Rueda leader and choreographer, dedicated to authentic Casino. Working together with many Cuban artists around Europe, though still considers Yanek Revilla as his no. 1 master in Rueda de Casino. He is a great fan of timba, though he also loves listening and dancing to traditional classical Son.

At BIG Latino festival, András will perform a special dance show for us, which you will surely really like! 🙂