As a musician and a dancer in different dance projects for many years, Rišo Križan, alisa Iko, became in 2006 /as a hyperactive self-educated salsa dancer / the salsa instructor in Banska Bystrica. Later his dance activity spread to other cities in Slovakia, where he until now still teaches salsa and bachata. With his his proffesional approach and passion for spreading his dance skills to others, he inspired lot of people to dance and contributed very much to the spread of latino dance community in Slovakia. His great passion for not just dance, but also music culture of latin america brought him to his other hobby, which became DJ-ing. Since 2010 he performs as latino DJ in many different dance events, parties or workshops in Slovakia.


At BIG Latino festival, Iko will show us his DJ-ing skills and will guide us with his choice of music at the friday party. And we have definetely what to look for!