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From august 4th to 6th 2017 we continue with the already third year and fourth edition of BIG Latino festival. We believe, that this season will continue the good tradition from past years and bring a lot of latino music, dance and fun to the visitors 🙂

BIG Latino festival is the biggest event of its kind in Slovakia, bringing the connection of music, dance and rich program for members of the latino dance community and “non-dancers” with passion for latino music and culture. We strive to bring you the most interesting from latino scene – is that in form of dance workshops, live concerts or dance shows. We try to win well-known artists for the festival, but we also give a chance to new faces, who have a lot to offer. We believe, that you will greatly enjoy your time on the festival 😉

Event organizers:


Bailador dance studio

  • dance courses of many dance styles
  • events for both adults and children
  • dance shows

More at www.bailador.sk


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